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Dine in

With a relaxed and casual atmosphere, DiCaprio Restaurant is the perfect place to meet friends, have a business meeting, or simply gather for drinks.


Garlic or Herb Bread 5.00
freshly diced tomatoes, fetta and basil
Bruschetta Pizza 10.00 (med) 12.00 (lge)
Minestrone Soup* 7.00
Soup of the Day*
See special’s board
Bowl of Chips 7.00
Bowl of Wedges with Sour Cream 8.00
Bowl of Vegetables* 9.50

*denotes gluten free option – ask your waiter for more information


Entree Main
Special Spaghetti Marinara Alla DiCaprio’s 25.00 30.00
Spaghetti Pollo Funghi
chicken, mushrooms & onion in a creamy sauce
14.00 16.00
Spaghetti Bolognaise 12.00 14.00
Spaghetti Carbonara
bacon, cream, egg & cheese
13.00 16.00
Spaghetti Greca
fetta cheese, sundried tomatoes, olives, spinach & olive oil
14.00 16.00
Stir Fried Hokkien Noodles
chicken & vegetables in an oriental style sauce
15.00 17.00
Penne Pollo Grano
chicken, roasted capsicum & pesto in a cream sauce topped with shaved grano cheese
18.00 20.00
Fettucine Castellana
scallops, chilli, pancetta, sundried tomatoes & mushrooms in a creamy sauce
18.00 20.00
Pappadelle Nova
avocado, bacon, chicken, mushroom in a creamy white wine sauce
16.00 18.50
Spaghetti Chilli Mussels
sautéed mussels with garlic, basil, chilli & napoli
17.50 19.50
Homemade Gnocchi Funghi
with cream & mushrooms
14.00 16.50
Homemade Lasagne 13.00 15.00
Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli
in a princess sauce (cream & napoli)
13.00 15.00
Meat Ravioli
with bolognaise sauce
13.00 15.00
Tortellini Alfredo
peas, mushrooms, bacon & onion in a creamy napoli sauce
13.00 15.00
Penne Puttanesca
garlic chili, capers, Anchovies, oregano in a Napolitana based sauce
15.50 17.50

Grills & Seafood

Charcoal Grilled Lamb Fillet*
with your choice of red wine or mint sauce, served on a bed of spinach
Porterhouse Steak*
with your choice of sauce; diane, garlic, gravy, mexican, mushroom, pepper or red wine
T-Bone Steak*
with your choice of sauce; diane, garlic, gravy, mexican, mushroom, pepper or red wine
Chicken or Veal Parmigiana
schnitzel topped with ham, cheese & napoli sauce
Grilled Loin of Chicken
served with creamy honey and seeded mustard sauce, topped with crispy bacon
Veal Scaloppini Pronto
veal scaloppini in a creamy bacon, mushroom white wine sce
Chicken or Veal Holestine
schnitzel topped with fried egg, garlic butter & anchovies (optional)
Pollo Involtini alla Genovese*
chicken breast filled with mozzarella cheese & topped with sun-dried tomatoes in a creamy pesto sauce
Chicken Breast Contessa*
chicken breast with beans & roast pumpkin in a seeded mustard sauce
Fried Calamari
served with chips & salad
Garlic or Chilli Prawns*
served on a bed of rice
Fish of the Day*
see our specials board
Extra chips or side salad or bowl of vegetables 3.50
All meals are served with vegetables

*denotes gluten free option – ask your waiter for more information


Banana Chocolate & Coconut Crepe 11.00
Chocolate Mousse 8.00
Tira Misu 9.00
Sticky Date Pudding 8.00
Strawberry Crepe 10.00
Nutella Crepe 9.00
Cassata 5.50
Tartufo 5.50
Gelati Coppa 5.50
Death by Chocolate
chocolate crepe filled with chocolate mousse topped with chocolate sauce and chocolate ice-cream
A Selection of Delicious Cakes
see our specials board and cake display


Oysters Natural* ½ doz 18.00 doz 24.00
Oysters Kilpatrick ½ doz 19.00 doz 26.00
Oysters Spinach Mornay* ½ doz 19.00 doz 28.00
1 Oysters Kilpatrick & 1 Oysters Mornay doz 28.00
Fried Haloumi Cheese
herb crusted haloumi cheese with balsamic
tomato & rocket salad

*denotes gluten free option – ask your waiter for more information


Italian Salad* 9.50
Greek Salad* 10.50
Caesar Salad*
croutons, egg, parmesan cheese, bacon & anchovies
Chicken Caesar Salad* 17.50
Grilled Calamari Salad*
lemon & olive oil dressing
Warm Lamb Salad*
strips of grilled lamb with spicy mint dressing
Warm Seafood Salad*
calamari, prawns, scallops and mussels with lemon, basil & olive oil dressing
Grilled Loin of Chicken Salad*
on a bed of fattoush salad, rocket, spanish onion, tomato, cucumber,sumac & toasted pita bread
Roast Beetroot and dry Fig Salad
Dried fig, fetta, rocket, baby spinach, Spanish onion in balsamic seeded mustard dressing

*denotes gluten free option – ask your waiter for more information


*Gluten Free Pizza Base available in Medium (add $6.00) Small Medium Large
Garlic Pizza 7.00 8.00 9.50
Herb Pizza 7.00 8.00 9.50
tomato, cheese, hot salami, roasted capsicum, olives, chilli & anchovies
8.50 10.50 13.00
tomato, cheese ham & hot or mild salami
8.50 10.50 13.00
tomato, cheese, ham, bacon & egg
8.50 10.50 13.00
tomato, cheese & oregano
8.50 10.50 13.00
tomato, cheese & mushrooms
8.50 10.50 13.00
tomato, cheese, ham, mushrooms & olives
8.50 10.50 13.00
tomato, cheese, mushrooms, capsicum & olives
8.50 10.50 13.00
tomato, cheese, capsicum, onion, hot salami & hot chilli
8.50 10.50 13.00
tomato, cheese, chicken, pineapple & mushrooms
9.00 11.00 13.50
tomato, cheese, ham & pineapple
8.50 10.50 13.00
tomato, cheese, olives & anchovies
8.50 10.50 13.00
tomato, cheese, marinara mix, shrimps, olives & garlic
9.50 12.50 15.00
DiCaprio’s Special
tomato, cheese, ham, onion, mushrooms, hot salami, olives, capsicum & shrimps
9.50 12.50 15.00
Meat Lovers
tomato, cheese, bacon, chicken, ham, hot salami, continental sausage & bolognaise sauce
9.50 12.50 15.00
Extras from +50c +50c +50c
Half & Half n/a +1.00 +1.00

Gourmet Pizza (medium only)

Gluten Free Pizza Base available (add $6.00)
Calzone Vegetarian
tomato, cheese, spinach, asparagus, pumpkin, marinated mushrooms & bocconcini cheese
Vegetarian Pizza
tomato, cheese, mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini, roasted capsicum, potatoes & basil
Smoked Salmon Pizza
tomato, cheese, smoked salmon, onion, capers & basil
Antipasto Pizza
tomato, cheese, virginia ham, hot or mild salami, sliced tomatoes, parmesan cheese & prosciutto
Pizza Italiana
tomato, cheese, hot salami, roasted capsicum, black olives, fresh tomatoes, oregano, bocconcini cheese & basil
Chicken Tandoori Pizza
tomato, cheese, chicken, baby spinach, roasted peppers & spanish onion
Lamb Pizza
sliced tomatoes, fetta cheese, olives, lamb strips & garlic yoghurt
Proscuitto & Potato Pizza
tomato, fetta cheese, potato, proscuitto, pesto and roasted capsicum


Entree Main
Genovese Risotto*
cream, pesto, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes & parmesan cheese
14.00 16.00
Paella Style Risotto*
with prawns, mussels, scallops, chicken, chorizo sausages, roast capsicum and peas in saffron rice
22.00 29.00
Chicken, Bacon & Pumpkin Risotto* 14.00 16.00
Risotto Norma*
with bacon, mushroom and broccoli, roasted capsicum in a princess sauce, topped with grano cheese
17.50 19.50
Risotto Dicaprio Special Seafood* 25.00 30.00

*denotes gluten free option – ask your waiter for more information